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Micro Plants Robert, the most flavorful products close to home

Micro plants Robert is a family business based in St-Bruno, Quebec, Canada. We offer products of the highest quality. Our wide variety of fresh microgreens are available year round.

Passionate about constant improvement of our products and services, we listen to our customer’s request to enhance our variety of natural, fresh and tasty products to incorporate into a healthy daily diet.

All our products are pesticide-free and no chemical fertilizer are used. 

Our microgreens are grown in attested plant compost. They are brought up strong with natural defenses in our growing facilities suited to their development. Our wide variety of produces reveals a diversity of colors and flavors to discover.

Our constant researches for new varieties and product optimization allows the most demanding customers to enjoy the highest quality products that allows them to enhance their culinary creations.

What are Microgreens ?

Microgreens are a tiny form of edible greens produced from the seeds of vegetable, herbs or other plants. They are not the same as sprouts. There are important differences especially in the way they are produced. For example, sprouts are grown in water, in very low light conditions and are consumed as a tangled mass of roots, stems and underdeveloped leaf buds. Microgreens are grown in soil to a stage of development in between a sprout and a baby green. Microgreens have much stronger, more developed flavors than sprouts. They contain their dense nutritional value but are topped off with an extra boost of life sustaining chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is defined as “nature’s greatest healer” since it contains more healing properties than any other element.

Plusieurs variete de micro-pousse


Health benefit

The health benefits associated to microgreens are now proven through multiple studies. These fresh natural superfood are not only powerful antioxidants, they also help to ease many discomforts. Include them in your diet and your body will find everything it needs to allow you to live fully. Studies has proven that microgreens contain 4 to 40 times more vitamins. Enzymes, minerals, anti-oxidants and beneficial properties than its equivalent product grown to maturity. ( For example it is proved that consuming one ounce of Broccoli microgreens equals to eat three pounds of full grown Broccoli. It's fun, since you only need to add one ounce of these microgreens to your sandwich or plate and there you are savouring all these benefits. For any kind of diet, the microgreens are always recommended. The new raw food trend provides many benefits for cell regeneration. It consists on eating uncooked foods enhanced with "superfood" as oganic microgreens.

Where can you find our products ?

Our products are available in many grocery stores in Quebec and now also in other provinces. If you are interested in our products as a restaurant representative or a store manager, please feel free to contact us.